BSNC Descendants


Photo courtesy of Jolene Katchatag of Unalakleet. This photo is of Wass Nanouk, age 7, picking puyuuguaqhaq (wild raspberries).

Did you know that BSNC descendants receive many of the same benefits as BSNC shareholders? Descendants are eligible to receive scholarships from the Bering Straits Foundation and qualified job applicants are eligible for the same hiring preference offered to BSNC shareholders. Descendants who meet academic qualifications are eligible to participate in BSNC’s Summer Internship Program. Staff has grown the summer internship program into a competitive professional development program with training workshops on leadership skills, public speaking, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, cultural awareness, policy issues that impact Alaska Native people, speed mentoring, professional writing, resume/HR tips and business structure.

Descendant use of BSNC’s lands for recreational and subsistence endeavors is allowed and encouraged. For any commercial activity Land Use Permits should be submitted to the BSNC Land and Resource Department. Please visit to learn more. In addition to these benefits, BSNC issues bereavement benefits provided to families to assist after the death of an original BSNC shareholder, a lineal descendent of an original BSNC shareholder, or the spouse of a living original BSNC shareholder.

Through the gifting of shares, descendants born after Dec. 18, 1971 become Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) shareholders. Before becoming shareholders, BSNC descendants are encouraged to become involved in their corporation.

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