Shareholder Bereavement Assistance

Bereavement Assistance

BSNC provides Shareholder Bereavement Assistance in the amount $2,500 to help defray the cost of funeral expenses for an original BSNC shareholder, a lineal descendent of an original BSNC shareholder, or the spouse of a living original BSNC shareholder. The deadline for filing for bereavement assistance is within three months of the date of death. The benefit may be applied for by an immediate, surviving family member either in the Nome or Anchorage office.

A note about Stock Wills…. Some people find it easy to think about wills, while others prefer to avoid the subject entirely. Having a Stock Will on file with BSNC lets you decide who will inherit your stock after your death. If you pass away without a Stock Will, your stock will be distributed according to state law, and may be distributed to individuals you do not intend to benefit. To encourage shareholders to complete their Stock Wills, BSNC continues to have monthly drawings for those shareholders who submit a Stock Will, with a prize of $200. Please visit or call (907) 443-5252 to update your stock will today!

Shareholder Bereavement Assistance Application