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BSNC hosted its annual Celebration of Native Art (CONA) on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023. Thank you to the many extraordinary shareholders, descendants and shareholder spouses who participated this year. CONA is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beautiful work of Our People. We would also like to thank the King Island Singers and Dancers for their fantastic performance.

If you have any questions about the annual CONA event, please email:

Mark Tetpon

Mark Tetpon Currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska. Born in Anchorage, Alaska and is Inupiat Eskimo, I have been doing artwork for 30 years and specialize in Ivory, wood, fossilized whalebone and baleen. I mostly make masks that have been handed down by my Grandfather Eric Tetpon Sr. and my dad John Tetpon.

Bonnie Scheele

Inupiaq Mama/Reindeer Herder. Creating Tundra Inspired Art: Alaska Native Owned.

Karen Garcia

My paintings come from childhood memories of my family, who come from Unalakleet (Grandfather), White Mountain (Mother) Amy Eben-Paris, and Shaktoolik (Grandmother). My grandparents were Wayne & Sarah Eben, from the village of Unalakleet, Alaska.

Brandon Ringstad

I teach marine biology on YouTube through science, stories and art. I'm 29 and live in Snohomish WA. I want to raise awareness of our beautiful bodies of water and the creatures that live in them. I support my community by donating portions of my sales each month to different charities. Thanks for your support!

Julie High

My name is Julie High, I live in the North Cascades of Washington State, approximately two hours northeast of Seattle. My maternal grandmother was Frieda Avessuk (Anderson) from Shismaref. My mom, Betty High, was born in Nome. We are members of Bering Straits and Sitnasuak Native Corporations. I started watercolor painting in 2021 and immediately fell in love with this beautiful medium. I love to paint and am working on improving my skills every day.

Suzanne Urban

My birth name is Suzanne and my Indigenous name given to me by my grandmother is Qiruk. My people are of the village Mary’s Igloo/Teller in Alaska. I’m a storyteller (author), podcast host, blogger, photographer and spiritual leader (pastor). I’ve been married to Jeff for 37 years and I have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren!

Susan Ringstad Emery (Ahnoaq)

Seattle-area artist features contemporary native artwork ranging from cave-art mixed-media works on panel, to graphite on paper. Susan offers a light-hearted description of herself as a “Urban Iñupiat & a Scandinavian who doesn’t look the part”. Enrolled tribal member of Native Village of Shishmaref.

Victoria "Sissy" Katongan

My name is Victoria “Sissy” Kotongan. I am an artist from Unalakleet, residing in Anchorage, Alaska. I create with many mediums from fur sewing and beadwork to sketches and painting. As I evolve and grow my art bears witness. With each new undertaking I desire to learn more and try new things.

Gertie Zitzelberger

Gertie Zitzelberger is from Unalakleet, Alaska. She sews custom traditional and non-traditional items. She published a children’s book “The Red Dragonfly from Alaska.” Writing is one of her passions, sharing subsistence knowledge through her blog She is also a licensed personal shopper through Rural Family Expediting Services!

Brita Frost

I'm Inupiaq, my grandparents, Marvin and Florence Sarren were from Unalakleet. I've been a photographer since I was young. I was raised in Anchorage and currently live in Virginia. My mission is to inspire creativity through the beauty of flowers and nature. It's part of our Inupiat values: Respect for nature.

Glenda Christina

Glenda Christina is an award and prize winning Inupiaq photography instructor that resides in North Pole, Alaska. She has artwork in many different restaurants, calendars, magazines, postcards and several stock photo companies all over the world, specializing in native culture and tradition. She has educational material available, ACLP Photography Course, in both print and online formats and also teaches the next generation in group settings.

Alice Bioff

Naataq Gear LLC is a business founded on two Inupiaq values: Humility and Respect. We share our culture through wearable art, functional and beautiful garments inspired by our traditional Qaspeq (kuspuk). Today Naataq Gear LLC, focuses on innovative fabrics and methods of production to continue to make beautiful garments that carry our traditions and culture.

Barbara Jones

Hello, my name is Barbara Jones. I’m from Anchorage but my mother is from Hooper Bay and my father was from Unakleet
I currently make baskets, dancing fans and Issrans. My beach grass was picked at Hooper Bay Alaska. Thank you.

Bonnie Reynolds

Bonnie was born and raised in Nome, Alaska to Roy and Carol Piscoya. All of her photographs have been taken while on a flight, or a drive all around the Seward Peninsula. Her inspiration came from her father, Roy, who also had a great interest in cameras and photography. Bonnie is self-taught using her natural talent and natural eye for beauty.

Jennine Jordan

Jennine Jordan was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. Her family is originally from Unalakleet, AK. She is a proud mother of 3 children: Citlali, Jayce, and Jennifer. In her free time, she enjoys beading with porcupine quills and dentalium shells. She also enjoys making mixed media art pieces with a modern twist. Art is a therapy for her.

Valerie Tweet Gremillion

I grew up in Anchorage, but I live in Texas. My parents are Glenn and Sara Tweet from Teller. I sell fine beaded earrings, and delica bracelets. I will be adding some glass pendants I created in glass infusion class, along with qaspaqs/kuspuks.

Nelena Giannone

Born and raised in Alaska I grew up on the beaches and tundra dreaming of all things creative. I'm able to learn traditional ways and develop modern skills to share my passion, and keep my hands busy. You'll find a wide range of pieces as I learn new skills and hone on others; painting, all things sewing, jewelry, Qaspeqs, and more.

Christina Waska

My name is Christina Waska. My dads name is Vincent Waska. His mother came from old Kotlik. His dad came from Oscarville. But my talent I picked up from my mom from Newtok. That's where my roots came from. The desire to learn to be an artist and be independent also stemmed from becoming a single mom to my 11 year old son.

Stephen Foster

Giving back to the community and being apart of it, is very important to me. I was in the Spring Creek Correctional Center’s Hobby Shop and learn from some amazing artists. My struggle is still real but I am proud to say that I am over 4 months sober but it’s a daily battle of telling myself I want something more out of life.

Citlali Elias

Citlali Ella Elias is the daughter of Jennine Jordan, mom and Ella Anagick, grandma. She is in high school and enjoys making unique lipglosses for the community. She has a passion for make-up and beauty products and she creates her products with lots of love and joy. She is bilingual in Spanish and English. She enjoys traveling to Mexico, spending time with her siblings, and making tik tok videos.

Ryder Erickson

Ryder is an Inupiaq Eskimo-Norwegian, self taught artist who works to showcase the distant parts of Alaska. Growing up in Alaska's northwest villages was a beautiful experience. Ryder takes his influence from both the past and present, the subsistence lifestyle of his childhood, and the vivid colors of the deep north, so the rest of the world might have a glimpse of its overwhelming beauty.
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OFFICESBering Straits Native Corporation
OFFICESWhere to find us?
BSNC is headquartered in Nome, has a business office in Anchorage and site locations and offices across the U.S.
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