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We provide specialty training and high-profile executive protection. GAT provides specialty military and peacekeeping training on a world-wide framework, personnel and cargo air transport in hostile and harsh locations, overseas logistics support, international medical training/support and high-profile executive protection.

Global Asset Technologies (GAT) offers expertise and technical solutions for:

Under the DoS’ International Police Peacekeeping Operations Support (IPPOS) Program contract, GAT acquires trainers and provides logistical management support to perform qualified assessments, curricula development, training, technical assistance, equipment and other training support for international peacekeeping police training, and capacity building programs to take place at various locations and times throughout the year in Africa. We recruit and deploy multiple Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) to various police contributing countries (PCCs) concurrently and we have the capacity to deploy our trainers within 30 days to various locations throughout the world. GAT also provides instructor services to augment military personnel in direct and indirect support of the training and development of enlisted Sea, Air and Land Unit (SEAL) candidates and other Navy personnel under our Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWCEN) – Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD)/ SEAL Training and SEAL Qualification Training. The IPPOS Training contracts require MRPT clearance level instructors and BUD/SEAL Training contract instructors require Secret clearance level.

Medical Support
On the IPPOS contract, GAT’s MTTs include trainers responsible for providing instruction in UN-approved medical curricula and field-medicine best practices. Medics and instructors provide classroom and practical exercises to reinforce academic training and to ensure trainees receive the highest possible quality of medical instruction as well as medical support and trauma care that may be required during activities. GAT also provides medical instruction and services from basic trauma medicine training to medical-screening services, first aid and other basic treatment training to ensure SEALs have the basic skills needed to respond to injuries. GAT provides instructors who also serve as medics, providing support and training for remote SEAL training.

GAT’s sister company performs multiple, simultaneous construction task orders in support of National Guard Bureau (NGB) activities. These multi-discipline scopes of work include construction, repair and alteration of various facilities, electrical systems, mechanical systems, concrete and/or asphalt paving as well as demolition of facilities. On one contract alone, we have performed 18 task orders ranging in value from $200 to $3.14 million; all were completed on-time or ahead of schedule and had outstanding ratings. Additionally, our sister company recently completed a $105 million hospital. Typical construction services include complete architectural, mechanical, electrical and life safety refurbishment, selective demolition and abatement and integrated Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements into the design.

GAT supports the National Guard Bureau Consequence Management Support Center under a $216m IDIQ contract for a full range of contractor logistics support for the supply support, maintenance support, purchasing, training, and help desk support for geographically dispersed teams: Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams (CST); Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP); and Homeland Response Force (HRF). These teams respond to natural disaster, man-made threats, or other incidents within the U.S. Department of Defense area of responsibility.

GAT’s sister company currently supports the NGB and US Air Force on contracts providing a full range of logisitics, supply, and maintenance support. For the estimated $45-million NGB contract, our team develops and executes a logisitcs-support system customized to meet the operation requirements of specific homeland defense missions, with the capability to support contingency operations 24 hour/day, seven days/week when ordered. Likewise, we provided Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB) with a broad range of supplies, equipment, mobility bags, clothing, weapons and other materials required in support of the 325th Fighter Wing, associated units and DoD agencies on a nearly $39 million contract. These are both SECRET-level security contracts.

Motor Vehicle Procurement and Training
GAT specifies, procures, modifies and delivers a wide range of vehicles in support of US Department of State programs combatting transnational narcotics and human traffiking throughout the world. We have delivered vehicles as well as operator and maintainer training to multiple countries on three continents. GAT vehicle services include police upfitting, armoring, and customized mission specific equipment design and installation. GAT Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) develop training programs for each vehicle platform and deliver these courses to partner nation law enforcement and military personnel to assure maximum mission capability and effectiveness of the vehicle fleets. These courses are conducted in local language through a combination of native language instructors and live translators.

Executive Security
GAT’s team member provides high-level executive protection for world leaders such as former United States President Bush, former British Prime Minister Blair, Iraqi Vice President Allawi, Afghanistan President Ghani, G8 Summit participants and high-profile individuals such as American businessman Warren Buffet. This experience encompasses high-risk operations, including the Iraqi and Afghanistan elections as well as complex operations like the Gulf Cup in Yemen.

Armed Security
Under the Kings Bay Security Services contract, GAT’s sister company provides all labor, management, supervision, tools, material, equipment and vehicles required for complete security services at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia, 24 hours/day, seven days/ week. In order to cover the entire 12,590 acres of the installation, our team provides 70 guards to ensure security for host command, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay; TRIDENT Training Facility (TRITRAFAC), Kings Bay; Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic (SWFLANT), Submarine Group 10 (COMSUBGROUP), Headquarters areas, tenant activities, family and bachelor housing, personnel support services and other support services in addition to the Controlled Operational Area, which contains the Trident Refit Facility (TRIREFFAC) and SWFLANT operational facilities, fleet units and waterfront facilities.

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OFFICESBering Straits Native Corporation
OFFICESWhere to find us?
BSNC is headquartered in Nome, has a business office in Anchorage and site locations and offices across the U.S.
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3301 C Street, Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99503
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