Shareholder Kaylene Evans Crowned Miss WEIO

BSNC congratulates shareholder Kaylene Iñuuraq Evans of Nome, the newly-crowned 2018 Miss World Eskimo Indian Olympics. Kaylene is the daughter of BSNC Director Bobby Evans and Kathleen Jaycox.

“I would like to extend my deep appreciation for the role BSNC plays in our communities,” said Evans. “I graduated from Nome-Beltz High School and was very fortunate to receive a Bering Straits Foundation scholarship. The generous financial support was instrumental in my pursuit for my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, and again as I begin my Masters in Indigenous Politics.”

The Miss WEIO pageant promotes culture, social games, skills, dances and traditions of Alaska, Greenland, Siberian, and Canadian Inuit, Alaskan Indians, Aleuts and Native Americans. The competition includes a talent presentation, a personal interview with the judges, an impromptu speech, and Native regalia.

“For my talent portion I talked about my journey of wellness, which is grounded in the tradition that you carry on the spirit of your namesake. I spoke about my grandmother, Myrtle Wells of Kiana, who is also named Iñuuraq, and I sang a song she taught my mother, who taught me,” she said. “The song, in Inupiaq, is ‘Praying For You.’”

Evans recently graduated with a dual bachelor’s degree in political science and ethnic studies from the University of Hawaii Manoa. This fall she will return to Hawaii to begin a master’s program in indigenous politics. Next April, Kaylene will compete in the Miss Indian World Pageant in Arizona. We wish her much success in her future.

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