Introducing Board Director Becka Baker

Edna “Becka” Baker was elected to BSNC’s Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on Oct. 6 in Anchorage. Baker resides in Nome, where she was born and raised. In addition to serving as a Director of Bering Straits Native Corporation, she also serves as a Director of Sitnasuak Native Corporation.

Baker retired in 2015 after 30+ years as a public servant employed by the State of Alaska. Her last position was Regional Election Supervisor, where she was tasked with conducting state and federal elections in the coastal communities of rural Alaska spanning from Kaktovik to Adak. In 2017 she served as a Program Officer for the Bering Straits Foundation. Baker is also a shareholder of CIRI and Koyuk Native Corporation, and is a member of the Nome Eskimo Community.

As a young child, Baker’s mother and grandmothers instilled the values of helping others. She takes pride in community service, whether assisting others to conduct fundraisers or working at the gate during high school sporting events. Baker and her husband John have two sons. In her spare time, she enjoys time with family in the great outdoors.

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