Shareholder Lisa Anaya Earns Professional Certification

BSNC congratulates shareholder employee Lisa Anaya on receiving Basics of Government Contracting and Federal Acquisition Regulation Workshop certificates. Obtaining these certificates, along with her past experience with contracts, allows her to test for the Certified Federal Contract Manager Certification.

Anaya has 26 years of experience in the oil industry as a business analyst. She was hired in October 2016 as a Contract Assistant and was recently promoted to Contracts Specialist. She supports the department by performing contract administration for a large subsidiary.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to learn and become an expert in my field,” said Anaya. “I am more excited to know that each certificate earned is going to benefit the amazing corporation which I belong to by providing me with the necessary tools to be the best-infield. Thank you, BSNC for providing a program for individuals such as myself and allowing me to be a part of a picture larger than myself.”

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