U.S. Army to Repatriate Remains of Students Who Died at Boarding School

The U.S. Army will repatriate remains of young students buried at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania. The school’s mission was to remove children from their culture and assimilate them into mainstream American culture. The boarding school operated between 1879 and 1918. More than 10,000 Native American children were required upon arrival to have their braids cut off and dress in military style uniforms in an effort to stamp out their heritage. Students were punished for speaking their native language and were given new names.

The remains of many Alaskan and Inuit students have not been claimed:
Lucy Spalding, died March 25, 1905
Mabel Stock, died Aug. 16, 1904
Tomicock (last name unknown), died April 8, 1900
Pariscovia Friendoff, died April April 29, 1906
Cooking Look, died Jan. 4, 1904
Fred Harris, died June 9, 1890
Helen Fratias, died Dec. 14, 1903
Anastasia Achwack, died June 20, 1904
Edward Angelook, died Sept. 24, 1905
Wallace Derryman, died July 11, 1910
Hanna Dechizien, died May 4, 1889
Laublock (last name unknown), died April 15, 1899
Elliot (last name unknown), died May 21, 1889
Titus Deerhead, died Nov. 17, 1886
Paul Wheelock, died May 14, 1900
Leah Road Troller, date of death unknown
May Paisamo, died April 28, 1890
Given Bat, died Aug. 3, 1885
Moses Neal, date of death unknown
Own Firy, date of death unknown
Almeda Heavyhair, died Aug. 28, 1890
Margaret Edgan, date of death unknown
Christine Redstone, died July 19, 1899
Jack Martha, died Feb. 5, 1888
Zeneke Uh, date of death unknown
Wash He, date of death unknown
John Bytzolay, date of death unknown
Minnie Topa, died May 28, 1891

BSNC requests that anyone with possible information about these individuals, their families or their community of origin to contact the U.S. Army at the address listed below and BSNC at Media@beringstraits.com. BSNC will assist in coordination with the proper tribal authorities.

The US Army has extended invitations to consult on this issue to all Federally-recognized tribes. Because the historical records are so incomplete, Army cannot determine all the tribes represented within the Carlisle Cemetery. If you believe you have an ancestral family member buried at Carlisle and would like to consult on having their remains relocated to a cemetery of your choice, please contact:

Mike Black, Director
Bureau of Indian Affairs
MIB 4606 MS
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240
Army National Military Cemeteries
1 Memorial Drive,
Arlington, VA 22211

Or email: usarmy.pentagon.hqdaanmc.mbx.accountabilitycoe@mail.mil.

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