Donation Policy

Donation Policy

BSNC provides charitable giving support to organizations that, in most cases, receive tax exempt 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. In reviewing requests, BSNC gives priority to those that specifically benefit the Bering Strait region, its shareholders and descendants.

What BSNC Funds
BSNC supports programs and organizations that provide long-term solutions and make a difference in the Bering Strait region and in the lives of its shareholders and descendants. The Company supports the following focus areas:

  • Health and sobriety: BSNC supports nonprofits that provide culturally-based support and solutions for individuals in recovery or individuals who wish to pursue sobriety.
  • Youth and education: BSNC supports nonprofit organizations that promote and provide educational opportunities and activities for students.
  • Homelessness and hunger: BSNC supports nonprofit organizations that provide support to the homeless and hungry.
  • Arts and culture: BSNC supports nonprofit organizations that promote or benefit the arts and culture of the Bering Strait region.

We Do Not Fund

  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex or national origin
  • Debt
  • Pageants
  • Individual or team sponsorships

To be eligible for charitable giving support, an organization should address a specific community need. Please include the following information in a one-to-two-page written request:

  • Brief description of the organization (name, history, mission, activities)
  • Current list of the board of directors
  • Organization’s target audience
  • Exact amount requested
  • Why the funds are needed
  • How funds will be raised from other sources
  • How funds will be used
  • Types of publicity and recognition for BSNC’s support

Most contributions made by BSNC are for less than $5,000. For requests of more than $5,000, some or all of the following may be requested: a copy of the group’s most recent financial statement, an annual budget, a list of corporations or foundations contributing to the group in the past year, and a copy of the tax-exempt ruling from the IRS.

Review Process
Requests are evaluated based on BSNC’s approved budget, current objectives and the community need for the project. The Chairman, CEO and/or designee has the authority and discretion to make donations up to and including $5,000 for requests that fall within the above criteria.

Contact Information

Miriam Aarons
Address: 3301 C Street, Suite 400, Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 907.334.8341

Kimberly Gooden
Address: 110 Front Street, Suite 300, Nome, AK 99762
Phone: 907.443.4301