Summary of Shareholder Benefits

Shareholder dividend ($3.75 per share) – $2,374,881
Special Elders’ dividend – $702,000
Bereavement benefits – $211,500
Summer Internship Program – $121,099


BSNC issues shareholder dividends and special Elder dividends. BSNC has distributed $23 million in dividends and special Elder dividends to shareholders since its inception.


BSNC provides substantial financial support to the Bering Straits Foundation (BSF). BSF helps BSNC shareholders and their lineal descendants attain their educational and vocational goals by offering scholarship, fellowship and mentorship opportunities.

For the 2017/2018 academic year, BSF awarded a total of $238,650 in educational funding to BSNC shareholders and their descendants. Since its inception in 1991, BSF has provided more than $2.8 million to BSNC shareholders and descendants for post-secondary education.


BSNC extends hiring preference to qualified shareholders, descendants and shareholder spouses. BSNC is helping prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the workforce by providing paid internships and professional development training to qualified shareholder or descendant students each summer.


BSNC provides a bereavement benefit in the amount of $1,500 upon the death of an original shareholder, or lineal descendant of an original shareholder.


BSNC maintains a shareholder Campsite Program, which allows Nome-based
shareholders to select a campsite along the Kougarok Road, east and north of
Salmon Lake.