Pilgrim Hot Springs Celebrates First Harvest

In 2015 BSNC, the managing member of Unaatuq, LLC, was awarded a U.S. Department of Agriculture Conservation Innovation Grant for a geothermal greenhouse at Pilgrim Hot Springs. In September approximately 15 lbs. of lettuce, 10 lbs. of chard, 30 lbs. of assorted onions and a variety of potatoes, radishes, carrots, turnips and herbs were harvested at Pilgrim Hot Springs for donation to the Nome Community Center and Nome Eskimo Community. The vegetables were in turn distributed to Elders and those in need.

The new infrastructure at Pilgrim Hot Springs includes a bathhouse near the earth pool, an outhouse at the parking lot and a gate with pedestrian access. There has also been a great deal of effort put into collecting debris and general cleanup of the property. A soil enhancement project of composted horse manure mixed with seaweed collected from Nuuk will be tilled to prepare for the 2017 agriculture growing season.

BSNC, the managing partner of Unaatuq, LLC thanks the volunteers, residents of Nome and the surrounding communities, as well as the visitors to our region for their support with the test garden and activities this year.

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