Message to Shareholders Regarding GPS Contract

Dear BSNC Shareholders,

Border control centers continue to garner national media attention. As you may recall, in 2015, BSNC subsidiary Global Precision Systems LLC (GPS) was awarded a 7-year contract to provide staff to help operate the El Paso, Texas Service Processing Center (the “Center”). We provide adult transportation services, detention officers and food service to individuals who are awaiting resolution of their immigration status. It’s important to note that GPS’s contract does not include family separation provisions and the Center does not house minors. Our duties are to ensure the security, safety, health and welfare of all individuals placed in our care.

As indigenous people with strong traditional values, we at BSNC work to ensure that all individuals placed in our care are treated with dignity and respect. We intend to fulfill our obligations under the terms of our contract to the best of our abilities.

During a site visit several months ago with members of BSNC’s Board of Directors, I personally visited the Center and observed our subsidiary employees interact at several levels with individuals housed at the Center. I found our subsidiary employees to be respectful, courteous and responsive, while still ensuring that our subsidiary met the standards of our contract.

We at BSNC remain committed to our strategic vision for the Company, which includes providing shareholder benefits (e.g., regular and Elder dividends, bereavement payments, jobs, internships, shareholder development, scholarships and support for nonprofit entities that provide services to our shareholders and descendants), and pursuing economic development opportunities while protecting our lands and preserving our culture and heritage.

I ask you, as Shareholders, to read our upcoming Annual Report to understand the role that government contracting has served in our growth and ability to provide the benefits described above, and what we have done to ensure that our government contract work has been utilized to provide benefits to Our People. Thank you for your continued support.


Gail R. Schubert
BSNC President & CEO

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