Bill Mendenhall

Bill Mendenhall has nearly 40 years of project management and civil engineering design experience, including petroleum, marine, railroad, sewer, water and hazardous material remediation design. He has supervised the design and/or construction of more than $700 million worth of engineering-related work. Mendenhall has worked with the petroleum industry and private, public and military projects in Alaska and the Lower 48. His construction design expertise ensures a cost effective and common sense approach to his project management. He is a registered civil engineer in four states and is also a registered environmental engineer.

Besides his knowledge of engineering and construction, Mendenhall is a five-time skydiving world record holder and is an internationally ranked paragliding competitor. He has tested parachute recovery systems for a variety of manufacturers, including ballistically deployed parachutes. Mendenhall has also been a commercial diver, developed underwater material handling systems and performed numerous underwater inspections.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and an Associate of Arts degree in Applied Science from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.