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Winter 2019

A Message from the President & CEO

Winter is a great time of the year. Our traditions, which include ice fishing, celebrating holidays and spending precious time with family, make the season special and memorable. As we approach a new decade, we have much to be thankful for. We are especially thankful for our Elders and shareholders who provided strong support to […]

Message to Shareholders Regarding GPS Contract

Dear BSNC Shareholders, Border control centers continue to garner national media attention. As you may recall, in 2015, BSNC subsidiary Global Precision Systems LLC (GPS) was awarded a 7-year contract to provide staff to help operate the El Paso, Texas Service Processing Center (the “Center”). We provide adult transportation services, detention officers and food service […]

Spring 2019

A Message from the President & CEO

The longer days we are now seeing are a welcome and telltale sign of spring. This past winter produced record snow for some of our villages, and several others experienced a complete loss of shorefast and winter ice coverage more than once during this time. The sun’s reappearance brings renewed energy, an increase in time […]

Winter 2018

A Message from the President & CEO

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer and autumn filled with quality time spent outdoors with your loved ones. Winter’s return brings longer nights and much cooler weather. I hope that everyone stays safe while out in the country engaging in our subsistence activities. BSNC recently held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders in […]

Statement to Shareholders Regarding El Paso Contract

Dear BSNC Shareholders, Some of you may know that one of our subsidiaries, Global Precision Systems LLC (GPS), has a contract to provide detention, transportation and meal services at the El Paso Processing Center located in Texas. Our duty at the Center is to ensure the security, safety, health and welfare of individuals placed at […]

Spring 2018

A Message from the President & CEO

I am excited to share with you news about an opportunity that the new tax law created for BSNC and other Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) to enhance the benefits we provide to our shareholders and descendants. ANCs have been authorized to create “Settlement Trusts” since the 1980s, and several regional corporations have already created these […]

Autumn 2017

A Message from the President & CEO

I hope everyone had a successful summer fishing, hunting, and harvesting berries and greens in preparation for winter. The summer flew by and as we head into the winter months, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Our Region is blessed to have many subsistence resources close to our villages, and […]

Summer 2017

A Message from the President & CEO

Summer is a beautiful time of year in the Bering Strait region. Ice and snow have given way in the warmer weather to open tundra and flowing waters. I have enjoyed reading the posts on social media of our Spring subsistence activities, including the harvests of abundant amounts of herring roe on seaweed, migratory bird […]

Winter 2017

A Message from the President & CEO

I hope that everyone had a wonderful winter filled with seasonal outdoor activities with your loved ones and friends. Daylight is starting to return and many are already preparing for the return of spring hunting of migratory waterfowl, seals, other marine mammals and king crab harvesting! For thousands of years, the people of our region […]

Autumn 2016

A Message from the President & CEO

As Summer comes to a close, I hope that everyone who was able to engage in our traditional subsistence activities had success this past Spring and Summer in harvesting fish, picking berries, and hunting walrus, seals, oogruks, moose and caribou. It was very rewarding to see our youth continue to provide our elders with a […]

Spring/Summer 2016

A Message from the President & CEO

This Spring brought an unusually early arrival of warm weather and the corresponding return of migratory waterfowl to our Region. It’s the time for Spring hunting of waterfowl, seals and other marine mammals, and king crab harvesting! Because of warmer weather, the formation and thickness of sea ice decreased this past winter and limited access […]