BSNC Honors Young Providers and Elders at the 2016 Annual Meeting

BSNC awarded Sierra Tucker of Nome and Christian “Agragiiq” Apassingok of Gambell with the 2016 Young Providers Award at the 2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Oct. 1. The Young Providers Award honors young people from the BSNC region who contribute on a daily basis to the health and well-being of their families, communities and culture. The BSNC Board of Directors chose to posthumously honor the late Irene Tagumaaq Aukongak and Paul Johnson by presentation of the awards.

BSNC also honored Elders selected by their respective village corporation in appreciation for their accomplishments in maintaining traditional lifestyles and the determination to share valuable knowledge with our youth in preserving the culture and heritage of the Bering Straits region. The following Elders were recognized at the Annual Meeting:

Mary “Rose Ann” Titus – Council Native Corporation
Hilda M. Clark – Golovin Native Corporation
Agnes I. Mayac – King Island Native Corporation
Vincent A. Kunnuk – King Island Native Corporation
Lillian Hanaka – Shaktoolik Native Corporation
Robert K. Joe Sr. – Sitnasuak Native Corporation
Joseph Charles Steve – Stebbins Native Corporation
Winton Weyapuk, Jr. – Wales Native Corporation

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