BSNC announces 2018 Young Providers Awardees

BSNC has announced the awardees of its 2018 Young Providers Award as Summer Sagoonick of Unalakleet honoring Irene Katchatag and Edgar Kuzuguk of Shishmaref honoring Clarence Trigg. The Young Providers Award honors young people from the BSNC region who contribute on a daily basis to the health and well-being of their families, communities and culture. Sagoonick and Kuzuguk will be recognized at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Oct. 6 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Summer Sagoonick is a subsistence hunter and gatherer who provides food for her family and Elders in her hometown of Unalakleet. This past winter and spring, Summer harvested her first caribou, ptarmigan, fox and spotted seal and provided each to Elders and neighbors in the Inupiaq tradition. Summer is an Alaska Youth for Environmental Action trainer and an Our Children’s Trust youth plaintiff. She works tirelessly to raise awareness of how climate change affects our region. Summer is a mentor to younger students, maintains excellent grades and is an accomplished athlete in cross-country running, volleyball, basketball and Native Youth Olympics.

Edgar Kuzuguk is a successful hunter who provides subsistence foods to his family and extended family. He learned the way of the land from his grandfather and passes on his knowledge of hunting to his younger brother. He lives an active lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs and participates in community activities. He also provides care for his great-grandmother.

Summer will be recognized in honor of the late Irene Katchatag of Unalakleet. Irene worked as a homemaker, unpaid health aide and bilingual teacher for the Bering Straits School District. Irene was an active subsistence hunter and gatherer and was a vocal advocate of Alaska Native people.

Edgar will be recognized in honor of the late Clarence Trigg of Nome. Clarence was a family man and operating engineer. Upon his retirement, he was an active community member and subsistence hunter who generously shared what he harvested with the community.

Summer Sagoonick

Edgar Kuzuguk


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