2018 Photo Contest Winners

BSNC thanks everyone who submitted photos for our sixth annual photo contest. The grand prize winner is shareholder Fred Sagoonick, who submitted a photo of a beautiful scenic view from the Shaktoolik Foothills overlooking Norton Sound, Beeson Slough, Besboro Island and Cape Denbigh.

BSNC understands the cultural and economic importance of ivory carving to its shareholders and families and included a new category in BSNC’s 2018 Photo Contest – Ivory Carving! Photos entered into this category included walrus, mammoth and mastodon ivory carvings, the process of carving ivory and/or an ivory carver. To view more of the winning photos, check out BSNC’s Facebook page.

Ivory Carving
1st John Luke Kakaruk, “Mother and Child by Melvin Olanna”
2nd Dawson Evans, “Eagle by Anningayou”
3rd Harlyn Andrew, “Graduation Bracelets”

Cultural Activities
1st Tanya Ablowaluk, “Mary’s Igloo Traditional Council Cultural Campers”
2nd Annemiek Analoak, “Cheyenne Simpson in Nome, Alaska during the 2016 Summer Solstice”
3rd Brianne Gologergen, “Unity”

1st Rachel Goodall, “1949 Cape Espenberg”
2nd Leann Richards, “White Mountain Girls Dorm 1952”
3rd Aidan Osborne, “Old Bluff Gold Mine”

Scenery and Landscape
1st Melissa Slwooko, “Gambell, Alaska”
2nd Allison Ivanoff, “Unalakleet Windmills”
3rd Fisher Dill, “Fireweed Across the River”

Subsistence Activities
1st Brianne Gologergen, “Start Them Young”
2nd Fisher Dill, “Winter Crabbing”
3rd Curtis Ivanoff, “Buoy”

Village Life
1st Fisher Dill, “Mother and Son Roaming the Tundra”
2nd Kirstie Ione,”Hudson Enjoying Village Life On A Homemade Sled”
3rd Jennifer Kameroff, “Eskimo Bowling”

Grand Prize photo submitted by Fred Sagoonick.

FIRST PLACE CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Tanya Ablowaluk submitted this photo of Mary’s Igloo
Traditional Council Cultural Campers.

FIRST PLACE HISTORICAL: Rachel Goodall submitted this historical photo from 1949 at Cape Espenberg. From left to right: James Kigrook, Fannie Kigrook, Margie Kigrook, Doris Kigrook, Flora Kigrook, father of the siblings Harry Kigrook and Nellie Kigrook (Rachel’s mother).

FIRST PLACE IVORY CARVING: John Luke Kakaruk submitted this photo of an ivory carving of a mother and child by Melvin Olanna.

FIRST PLACE SCENERY AND LANDSCAPE: Melissa Slwooko submitted this photo of Gambell, Alaska.

FIRST PLACE SUBSISTENCE ACTIVITIES: Brianne Gologergen submitted this photo of her daughter watching the men butcher a bull walrus.

FIRST PLACE VILLAGE LIFE: Rae Rae Frankson (Katchatag) and her son roaming the tundra.

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