Shareholder Services

Shareholder Services

The Shareholder Services Department manages BSNC shareholder records, dividend distributions, annual reports, election materials and newsletters.


Bering Straits Native Corporation
P.O. Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

Telephone: (907) 443.5252
Toll Free: 1 (800) 478.5079
Fax: (907) 443.4755

Your Vote Counts
BSNC shareholders who are Alaska Native are eligible to vote for the board of directors and on other advisory matters that come to the annual meeting. Please be sure to participate in person or through voting.

Dividends and Distributions
It is important that shareholder names and addresses are current to ensure you receive dividends in a timely manner. At-large shareholders are entitled to annual 7(j) distributions.

What do I need to do to change my address?
How do I get my name changed?
Do you have more questions? Read our Shareholder FAQs.
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