Land FAQs

Land FAQs

How much land did BSNC receive as a result of ANCSA?
BSNC received approximately 2.1 million acres. Most of this land is the subsurface estate underlying the various village corporation surface lands. The subsurface estate provides BSNC the rights to all minerals and materials contained therein. BSNC also received approximately 145,000 acres of surface and subsurface estate. These tracts are outside of the village lands and were selected for their mineral or other natural resource (including subsistence) potential.

Does BSNC sell land to shareholders or other potential buyers?
The general answer is “no.” BSNC’s policy treats the land as a shareholder-owned asset and, as such, the land cannot be sold. However, in the event of road construction or some other project that benefits the region, BSNC may sell easements. In special circumstances, BSNC may exchange lands with the federal or state government or private individuals if the interests of the corporation and shareholders are served by the exchange.

How can a shareholder use a specific tract of BSNC land?
Shareholders may apply for a campsite within the BSNC Campsite Program.

Can shareholders use BSNC land for subsistence purposes?
Yes. Special land use permits are required if a specific location is to be occupied for more than 24 hours.

Can a non-shareholder use BSNC land for subsistence purposes?
Yes, but only if they are a resident of the region.

Can shareholders explore BSNC land for valuable minerals?
Yes. Shareholders need to contact the Land and Resource Department and obtain an exploration or mining agreement for mineral exploration.

Who manages fish and game on Native-owned land?
Native-owned lands are subject to all US Fish and Wildlife and State of Alaska fish and game regulations.

Can shareholders utilize BSNC land for tourism, guiding or other profit-making ventures?
Yes, but they need to obtain a land use permit. The terms, conditions and fees for such activities must be determined prior to any such activity. BSNC encourages shareholders who would like to develop profit-making ventures to contact the Land and Resource Department.

Can shareholders and non-shareholders dig for artifacts on BSNC land?
No. BSNC does not allow unauthorized digging for artifacts on BSNC land. Archaeological materials are considered part of the surface estate. Unauthorized removal of archaeological materials from village or regional corporation land is illegal. BSNC will prosecute individuals who illegally remove artifacts from BSNC land.

Does BSNC allow trespass?
Trespass is a difficult crime to enforce and prosecute. BSNC will pursue cases of trespass and will notify the Alaska State Troopers when trespass occurs.

Can I take a 4-wheeler or SUV across BSNC land?
Only where there are existing trails and/or easements. This policy helps preserve the fragile tundra environment.

Where can I find out where BSNC lands are and what I might do on BSNC lands?
Contact the BSNC Land and Resource department. They will be happy to answer questions.